Buying Guide For Outdoor Bowling

Lawn bowling is almost similar with the bowling that we know, except taken outside in the grassy fields and tweaking in some game rules. Aside from the rink, the ball is also modified. There is a bias in the bowl, which means that there is a flattened side of the ball, making it uneven in shape and curves the path it takes. This rule may apply in all matches, but believe it or not, there are actually some considerations when picking your own lawn bowl.

The size matters

There are in fact several diameters available when choosing you ownhenselite lawn bowls. The size that you get to pick will be critical in your game as it can determine the travel of the ball along with the force you apply in it. You may be hitting it wrong when you get the bowl that is not preferable to your hand. To measure the bowl that matches you, your hand should be able to cover the largest circumference of the ball with both of your hands, your fingers meeting across, without too much space unclosed. That would be the perfect size for you. Typically, men choose bowls the sizes of 3 to 5, while women pick between 00 and 2.

Weighing the weight

Aside from sizes, there are also varying options for weight of lawn bowls. It can be either of the following: medium, heavy, and extra heavy. It is usually labelled in the side of the bowl itself on what the weight of the bowl is. The weight will also impact the game, and it should be considered alongside the size. The ball that is smaller but not heavy is less advantaged by the larger sizes. You can choose heavier balls that you can carry.

Biased on bias

The bias on a lawn bowl is the flattened side of the ball that makes its sphere uneven. The bias makes the path of the ball curved when thrown. Most indoor bowling will choose narrower biases, while those who most prefer the game outside pick wider biases.

Manufacturer chooser

There are different manufacturers of lawn bowls out there such as the henselite dreamline XG which has a competitive density that makes the run of the ball more stable. However, the brand should be the least of your concern, especially if you’re just a beginner of the game.Another suggestion, you may even ask to test out the ball if you know someone from the store so that you can get to pick which is more comfortable for you, and whether you need grip or not.

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