Guide To Choose The Perfect Exercising Mat For You

If you are looking to lose a few pounds and a gain curvy hourglass figure, then regular exercise along with a sufficient diet is a must nevertheless exercise is important in order to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle as you gradually progress to age. Your intended workout routine can be a collection of anything you want may it be various floor exercises, yoga, stretching workouts etc. In prior to engaging in any workout routines it is important that you choose the ideal exercising matt to match your workout needs as not each and every mat is suitable for every types of exercise and ‘life is too short for bad workouts’. Shown below is a brief guide that will help you select the best suited equipment to match your routine.

Gym Mats

Gym mats are more commonly used in large spacious areas as it is bigger in size and provides more cushion. Such mats are commonly used in gymnastic classes and martial arts classes. Gym mats are shock absorbent and will greatly assist you in protecting your knees, spine, neck etc… from accidental injuries. It is recommended to use gym mats in a carpeted floor. Even if most gym mats fold its large square footage will tend to make difficulties if you wish to use them at home.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mat is not only the most famous mat used it is also the thinnest mat available. Yoga mats are developed to cling firmly in to a hard floor surface as they are developed to keep its user from slipping and provide cushioning while doing yoga exercises. It is easy to carry around and tend to be personally owned mats. As yoga comes in different forms there is a variety of mats for you available in gym mats Brisbane to choose from and will personalize your need.

Pilates Mats

If you head into an outlet with a sign that read gym mats for sale intending to buy an exercise matyou might get confused as both yoga and Pilates mats are quite similar the difference being Pilates mats often longer, thicker and provides excellent grip. Unlike yoga mats Pilates mats are not very sticky. It is designed cushion the body while working out and is easily cleanable after use.

General Purpose Matts

These mats are fantastic for home use and is generally available in any gym. This type of mat is ideal if you are doing a workout that mainly includes floor exercises such as sit-ups, planks etc. General purpose matts are designed to provide with enough cushion and comfort to your back, knees, elbow and spine. however, these types of mats are not very shock absorbent and cannot withstand high impact exercises.

Floor Protectors

These mats are not used to perform exercises but you are to put them under your fitness equipment in order to protect the floor from damage and absorb shock. Especially considering heavy equipment such as treadmills, weight lifting benches, rowing machines etc.